The Subway Goodbye

Anyone who lives in NYC or another city where public transportation is the primary form of travel will know what I’m talking about: the subway goodbye is the most awkward of all goodbyes.

There are pretty much two kinds of subway goodbyes: the friend goodbye and the date goodbye. And maybe this isn’t true for everyone, but for me, I’m the worst at both of them.

When riding the subway with friends, there’s that moment when you become aware of the impending parting of ways and you’re in conversation and you either continue that conversation or you sit by side in silence, and that would be weird, right? So you talk and talk and then suddenly it’s “um ok bye, see you soon” even though you haven’t scheduled anything upcoming so maybe it will be weeks and weeks…

It’s worse with a date.

With a date, you usually aren’t even riding the same subway home. Sometimes the awkward goodbye happens at the subway entrance. Do you kiss goodbye at the top of the stairs? Do you go through the turnstiles and then deal with the fact that you are going on different trains? And what if, in the best-case scenario, you are taking the same line but in different directions AND the uptown and downtown trains are on the same platform? You get a reprieve in being able to talk/flirt a little while longer. Until, of course, the train comes barreling into the station and you are torn apart!

Man, I am totally having stress flashbacks. Makes me yearn for the simplicity of being dropped off at your door and making out in the car. Or making out in the parking lot and driving away in your own car.

Public transportation doesn’t care about your love life, plain and simple.