Is Megan Fox funny or do we just laugh because she’s hot?

Megan Fox is busy procreating up a storm (her fertility should come as a surprise to no one), but back in 2012, she was in two high profile comedies: Friends With Kids (Bridesmaids reunion! Jon Hamm in general!) and This Is 40 (quasi-Knocked Up sequel, but operating in a slightly different reality…) In both films she plays a sultry, limber woman who bewitches men without expending any effort. The pursing of her bee-stung lips cannot be considered effort, as it is the only way they know how to be. But the question: is she funny??

There’s no debate that she’s hot. Scarlett Johansson, owner of similar lips, wishes that the rest of her face had the femme-fatale-with-a-hint-of-Black-Widow symmetry that Megan Fox’s face exudes. But here’s where I have to stop with the goddess worship. After Esquire‘s slobbery nonsensical meditation on Megan Fox’s otherworldliness (it’s more fun to read Vice’s takedown of it), any individual’s attempts to poeticize her beauty is simply embarrassing themselves because nothing has ever been more embarrassing than that.

We’ve all been there. We’re talking to someone attractive. They say something, and we laugh. Hysterically. Nothing has ever been funnier than what came from the luscious mouth — I mean sharp-witted mind — of the remarkable specimen before us. This happens with attractive people we want to sex up, and it happens with celebrities. Alec Baldwin once told me I looked like I was chilly, and I giggled like a 14-year-old girl looking at a picture of JTT (for the ’90s set) or Justin Bieber (for Kylie Jenner’s generation).

Sometimes we laugh at what attractive people say because we want them to continue to shine their beauty in our direction. So: is this why we encourage Megan Fox?

The thing about Megan Fox is that she can be funny, but only in a very limited range. A lot of people might be surprised to learn that Megan didn’t actually burst on the scene with Transformers. In fact, she started out in comedy – on the generic sitcom Hope & Faith. Never heard of it? It starred Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford (Corky from Murphy Brown); I don’t remember which one was Hope and which was Faith, but I do know it was as broad comedy as broad comedy could get. Megan Fox was the ultra-hot daughter. Zaniness abounded, as you might imagine, and as it always does on those shows.

I don’t think you can really say that Megan Fox is preternaturally funny. When the jokes are centered on the perkiness of her breasts (This Is 40), or her limberness (Friends With Kids), or the question whether or not she is wearing underwear (This Is 40), the comedy is not coming from her, but from a worship of her. It’s not her line readings that are necessarily funny, it’s what her body is doing while she’s saying her lines. When her nipples are perpetually standing at attention, how can you not laugh at what she said about…. whatever it was…

That being said, she did a pretty funny mime of a blowjob.