I’m Not Crying, Parenthood. YOU’RE CRYING.

I feel… empty.

Parenthood, which aired its series finale last night, was a show that always made me cry. In every single episode, without fail, there would be a scene, a line of dialogue, a moment that would destroy me. It’s a pattern that I came to know well. And yet, there would be episodes where I would notice that I hadn’t cried yet and smugly think to myself, Hey Parenthood, I win this round. Inevitably, the show would come back after the last commercial break, Parenthood would stare me straight in the eyes and say, “Oh really, Ariel? You think you’ve won this round? I haven’t even broken a sweat yet.”

Of course I would cry. Who do I think I am, Ron Swanson?

Perhaps it was because I saw my own family in the big, crazy, loud, silly Bravermans. Their trials and tribulations were much more dramatic than my family’s dynamics, but at the core, there was a familial – and familiar – je-ne-sais-quoi.

Thank you, Parenthood.